Board at Memorial for October was $4.25.

The Botanic Garden is open Sundays, as well as week days.

A number of Boston bicyclemen visited Memorial Sunday.

The salary of the auditor at Memorial has been fixed at $850.

Mr. Lutz will give a German reading in Sever 11 this evening at 7.30.

In the recent campaign in this State the "Widow's mite" was the greatest.

President S. C. Bartlett of Dartmouth preached in Appleton Chapel last evening.

Meeting of the executive committee of the H. A. A. today at 1.30, in 36 Thayer.

The freshmen are to have an examination in Greek a week from next Thursday. It will be entirely at sight.

Princeton defeated the University of Pennsylvania in foot-ball Saturday by 10 goals and 4 touchdowns to nothing.

At Middletown, Ct., Saturday, the Wesleyan sophomores defeated the Yale freshmen in a game of foot-ball by one touchdown to one safety.

It has been suggested that a figure of the Hollis pump would make a good seal to put upon the shingles of the Harvard Total Abstinence League.

Mr. Wishard, secretary of the Inter-Collegiate Branch of the Y. M. C. A., is expected to address the Christian Brethren at the next meeting, Thursday evening, Nov. 16.

Salvini will appear only four times at the Globe next week. "Othello" will be played twice. At the Boston Theatre the "White Slave" will succeed "Youth" in two weeks.

In the foot-ball game on Saturday between '85 and '86, G. Woodbury '86, captain, met with an unfortunate accident, suffering a compound dislocation of a fore-finger.

Shingles will soon be ready for members of the Harvard Total Abstinence League. A fee of twenty-five cents apiece will be charged to cover expenses of having the shingles printed, and for expense of having seals made.