Progressive Labor Party Organizes Solidarity March With Harvard Yard Encampment


Encampment Protesters Briefly Raise 3 Palestinian Flags Over Harvard Yard


Mayor Wu Cancels Harvard Event After Affinity Groups Withdraw Over Emerson Encampment Police Response


Harvard Yard To Remain Indefinitely Closed Amid Encampment


HUPD Chief Says Harvard Yard Encampment is Peaceful, Defends Students’ Right to Protest

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The average weight of the Yale fresh man crew, excluding the coxswain, is 173 pounds.

George R. Swain '94, has been elected captain of the Princeton Athletic team for next year.

The third game between Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania will be played at Princeton to-day.

The West Point Cadets will encamp for several weeks on the Exposition grounds at Chicago next summer.

Theodore F. Humphreys '94 and John F. Bissell '94, have been elected respectively president and treasurer of the Princeton Base ball Association for next year.

In speaking of the recent baseball agreement with Harvard, the Yale Courant says: "Harvard can hardly be blamed for not acquiescing to our first proposal, as that would have caused the playing of the final and probably decisive game in New Haven, where our team would have had the advantages of home grounds and a favorable audience."

There have been two remarkable events at Cambridge University, England, this season. The Pitt scholarship was won by a freshman, J. A. Naire, of Trinity; and the second Chancellor's medal for classics has been with held for this year in consequence of the examiners having found no candidate worthy to receive it. This has happened only once before since 1751.

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