A club table accommodated at 410 Harvard street.

Club table wanted at Mrs. Bucknell's, 64 Mt. Auburn Street.

Club table at Old Brattle House, 42 Brattle street. A dining room on first floor.

A club of twelve can be accommodated at Mrs. Mooney's, 5 Linden street, with good board and pleasant dining-room.

One more club of ten or twelve gentlemen can be accommodated with board by applying at T. H. Brewer's, Brattle square.

Lost - Vol. I. of "Mill's Political Economy" and the printed notes in Chemistry I. The finder will please return them to 6 Holworthy.

Rooms to let. - Exceptionally pleasant, sunny rooms, elegantly furnished, one flight, front, singly or en suite, furnace and bath. No. 865 Main street.