Room rent is very cheap at Harvard, $450 and furnish them yourself. - [Era.

There are at the Columbia Law School this year twenty-one graduates of Harvard.

The Harvard freshman foot-ball team is endeavoring to arrange a game with the Princeton freshmen.

H. E. Altemus, formerly of '83, is now manager of the Fireside Publishing Company in Philadelphia.

Only seven men appeared at the boathouse on Saturday to help move the old shells. The work was not entirely completed.


The death of Mr. H. W. Sargent, a graduate of Harvard and classmate of Sumner in the class of 1830, is announced.

At a meeting of the directors of the Dining Association, Friday evening, Messrs. Ranlet, L. S., Cushing, '83, and Noble, '84, were appointed auditing committee for the ensuing year.

The 'Varsity eleven took up its quarters at a training table yesterday morning at T. H. Brewer's, in Brattle square. They will remain there until after the 25th of this month.

Mr. Chas. Pincard, S. S., while engaged in exercising in the gymnasium last evening suffered a serious fall, remaining unconscious for over an hour. His injuries are not serious. Dr. Ela attended him.

There will be a hare and hounds run on Thursday, Nov. 16th, at 3.15 P. M. If the hares win, each will receive a prize; also the first hound in. If the hares are beaten, the first two hounds will receive prizes. Entry book at Bartlett's.

Alvan Clark & Sons of this city are building a telescope for the Russian government, to be placed in the observatory at Polkova. It will be 45 feet long, and the diameter of the object-glass is 30 inches. The telescope will be the largest ever made.

It is high time the faculty of Harvard interfered with the pursuits of the sporting fraternity in that aristocratic university. A letter received the other day from a last year's graduate, who has begun life in his native city, contained three misspelled words. - [Ex.

How the instructions of a trainer for races, jumping, etc., can be objected to, we cannot see. We must grant, however, that the fact that the student world at Harvard has yielded so gracefully and easily, shows that there must be greater ground for the prohibition than we can see. - [Princetonian.

Won't Benjamin spread himself when he appears under the escort of the Cadets, and likewise on the road to Harvard College with the lancers? -

"'T were worth ten years of peaceful life One glance at his array."

[Boston Gazette.Mrs. Louis Agassiz is president of the Harvard Annex ; Arthur Gilman is secretary; J. B. Warner, treasurer, and Prof. W. E. Byerly, chairman of the academic board. The corporation includes Professors Byerly, Child, Goodale, Goodwin, Greenough, Gurney, Norton, Peirce and C. L. Smith.

The new arrangements for the class crews at the boat-house are almost completed. The south-east room has been fitted up with about thirty-five lockers for the use of the three upper classes. A stove will be placed in the centre of the room, and a shower-bath in one corner will be supplied with water by a pipe running from the 'Varsity bathroom.

The students of Williams are getting up an excursion to Boston for the Thanksgiving recess. "It will furnish," says the Argo, "a fine opportunity to visit the 'Hub of the Universe,' with its numerous attractions in the shape of libraries, art museums, theatres, etc., etc., and also offering a fine chance to visit our sister college at Cambridge." The students of Harvard will be very glad to welcome the students of Williams, if they will come.