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Teacher: "Class in Geography, stand up. What is a strait?" Small boy (next to the foot): "A strait beats two pairs, three of a kind, and generally takes the pot-unless some fellow happens to have a cold deck slipped up his coat sleeve." Teacher: "Let us pray." - [Ex.

Cornell is to have a $20,000 "armory." It is to be of brick, 60 by 150 feet. The interior is to be one large hall, and will be used for a drill room, receptions and commencement exercises. An annex will contain a gymnasium, baths and a swimming tank; all illuminated by the electric light.

The University of Berlin is going a-begging for a professor of philosophy. A few years ago Professor Harms died, and after considerable negotiating Professor Lotze accepted the place. He, too, died before he had occupied his chair more than a year, and all the efforts made since to obtain Professor Kuno Fischer, of Heidelberg, Professor von Goltz, Professor Sigwart, and others have failed. The position is one of the most honorable and remunerative in the country, and the phenomenon is therefore some what peculiar. There are plenty of younger psychologists in Germany, but they are all modern in spirit and convictions, while Berlin is conservative, and still observes the custom, noted by Heine in his day, of keeping all new ideas in quarantine for some years or decades.

There have been thirty-two students on the roll of mathematics for the academic year just closed at Johns Hopkins University; twenty of these followed the advanced courses, the others taking collegiate courses. The marine laboratory of the university, which is now in operation at Beaufort, N. C., has been doing satisfactory work, and will remain open until September. - [Ex.

The contest between the two factions at Ann Arbor in regard to Chronicle editors is becoming lively. The Chronicle editors answer the allegations of the Argonaut party in a counter-circular. Their address concludes: "Admitting for the moment that the action of the board was illegal: in that case there are legal means to obtain legal rights, of which presumably those who have consulted this "competent legal authority" are fully aware. Why then do they not use those means to obtain those rights, instead of seeking a doubtful vindication by the hazardous and expensive method of starting a new paper? It would seem that this extraordinary readiness to abandon legal rights shows a lack of confidence in the validity of those rights, though so confidently asserted, and that the scheme of starting a new paper, instead of being the protest of a deceived and outraged majority, is the last resort of a beaten and desperate faction."

An English scholar during a holiday excursion in the Hartz Mountains subjected himself one day to a severe physical strain which produced a singular mental disturbance. He was on his feet from morning till night, and in the course of the day's wanderings made several arduous ascents, taking no rest and neither eating nor sleeping. At night when he reached a place where he could supply his needs he was unable, to his great astonishment, to recollect a single word of the German language, although he ordinarily spoke it with fluency. His memory did not fail him in any other respect, he knew his own language as well as ever, and recalled perfectly all the incidents of the day. As soon as he had thoroughly rested and had eaten the food which he procured by signs, his German returned to him completely.

The past few years have added largely to the number of cigarette smokers, and the many brands placed before the buyer have added a variety to the taste of the lovers of a short smoke, but of late two popular kinds have made their appearance, which have taken the smoker by storm. We refer to "Our Little Beauties" and "Opera Puffs," made by Messrs. Allen & Ginter, Richmond, Va. They are manufactured in the best style of the art, and both are a most excellent article. "Opera Puffs" are already well advertised, and are having a large sale. "Our Little Beauties" are a pressed cigarettee, and are fast becoming popular. They last longer and smoke cooler than round made goods, and there is no taste of paper in the month. They can be found in all stores selling smokers' goods.

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