Lost - Note book in History II. Finder please return to 4 Thayer.

Club table at Old Brattle House, 42 Brattle street. A dining room on first floor.

Found - One new shoe on Holyoke street. Apply at James Dollard's shoe store.

Lost - A gold serpent ring, with blue stone in head. Finder will please return to room 13, Holyoke House.

Rooms to let. - Exceptionally pleasant, sunny rooms, elegantly furnished, one flight, front, singly or en suite, furnace and bath. No. 865 Main street.


Found - On Holmes field, Wednesday between 5 and 6 o'clock, an overcoat. The owner can have it by proving property. Apply at the Tribune office between 7 and 8, or at 54 Brattle street between 12 and 2.