The star route trial will begin next Monday.

M. de Lesseps says that the Panama canal will be completed by 1888.

There is an unprecedented demand for ten cent pieces at the Treasury Department.

The Rhine yesterday reached the highest point attained during the past century.


Reports of the great extravagance of the tariff commission have been denied by Assistant-Secretary Fish.

Coroner Palmer resumed the inquest on the Callender buildings fire in Providence last night. The evidence brought out goes to prove that the fire department paid little, if any, heed to the cries for aid of the imprisoned people.


At the meeting of the privy council of Dublin yesterday Earl Spencer, lord lieutenant, presided in person. It was resolved to proclaim the city under the operation of the curfew section of the repression act, which authorizes the police to arrest all suspicious persons found on the streets between an hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise.

In the United States Court at Syracuse, N. Y., yesterday, R. Porter Lee, president of the defunct First National Bank of Buffalo, who had been charged with embezzling the funds of the bank and violating the national banking laws, was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment in the Erie county penitentiary.

The suppression of the yellow fever epidemic in Texas this year cost the government $35,000. One hundred thousand dollars was appropriated.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 29, 1. A. M. For New England, cloudy weather, with snow, northerly winds, stationary or lower temperature and pressure.