The Yale freshmen are to have a debating society.

The new gymnasium at Amherst is to be modelled somewhat after the plan of the Harvard gymnasium.

According to the figures of the Philadelphia Press Yale and Harvard are the most expensive colleges in the country.

The Yale News says that "$20,000 worth of books have been sold in Harvard on the 'Zuizot' plan" - whatever that may be.

The yearly income of Johns Hopkins University is now $200,000, the endowment being $3,500,000, There are 132 students in attendance.

That Yale misnomer, the News, brings us the startling information that "ground has been broken for the new Harvard Law School."

The next volume in the "English Men of Letters" will be "Macaulay," which Mr. John Cotter Morison undertook when Mr. Morley found himself unable to do so.

It is reported that no less than fourteen young men and women are indebted to Hon. Alexander H. Stephens for their education. To each there goes a check every month.

Mr. J. H. Wade, of Cleveland, has offered $350,000 for the purpose of establishing a Unitarian Theological School in that city. It is expected that $600,000 can be raised.

The National Amateur Athletic Association, on account of the witdrawal of many men from track athletics to base-ball, talk of forming base-ball clubs under their own management.

It is stated that the financial condition of the University of Pennsylvania is rather low. A large sum of money was borrowed last year to pay the salaries of the professors. - [Cornell Sun.

The Courant believes that a better spirit in general is growing up between Princeton and Yale in other things and so it wants to see it in their foot-ball relations. It thinks that, "although this fierce, we might almost say unmanly, rivalry has been always associated with foot-ball it is not inherent in the nature of the sport. We both play Harvard without calling it forth."

The following is the record of the N. Y. Metropolitan nine in its games with college clubs last season :

Victories, Defeats, Totals.

Yale. 5 0 5