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The October number of the University Bulletin has just appeared, with the following table of contents : 1. Corporation and Overseer's Records. 2. Accessions to the Libraries. 3. A Bibliography of Fossil Insects. 4. Catalogue of the Lee MSS. 5. Maps in Petermann's Mittheilungen. 6. List of American Geological Writers, and, 7, University Notes. The records of the corporation and overseers published extend from April 10 to October 28. Besides the various votes accepting resignations and making appointments to offices of instruction, the following is a synopsis of the more important measures adopted :

Jurisdiction in the assignment and holding of lawn tennis courts has been given to the Lawn Tennis Association.

Leave of absence for one year has been granted to Prof. Dunbar and Prof. James.

Vote passed reserving right to the corporation to revoke any degree it may hereafter confer, in view of the disturbances occurring on the college grounds during commencement week.

The Toppan prize in Political Science is established.

Voted not to hold out any encouragement that the university will undertake the medical education of women.

Only graduates of colleges are to be admitted to the Divinity School without examination.

Messrs. S. A. Green, C. F. Adams, Jr., W. G. Russell, Leverett Saltonstall and Moorfield Story were elected overseers for the term of six years; Messrs. F. M. Weld and Solomon Lincoln for the term of one year.

The list of accessions to the library is unusually extensive and contains many interesting and valuable entries. Among these are : A very rare Bible in Latin (1528), being the first edition of the whole Bible divided into verses by Arabic numerals.

A number of works ascribed to DeFoe, dating in the first quarter of the 18th century (mostly first editions).

A rare (one of the earliest) concordance to the Bible by Estienne, 1555.

Numerous accessions of rare, valuable and costly works in science and history.

A presentation copy of Cantillon's very rare essay on the nature of commerce, [1755], presented to the library by H. S. Foxwell, professor of political economy in London University, and fellow of St. John's, Cambridge, with an accompanying note in which the donor explains how this copy, in connection with one other, came into his possession, and concludes with the words : "It occurred to me therefore that there might not be a copy at Harvard; and as the copy which I have is ultimately destined to find its way to the library of old Cambridge University, I thought I should like the sister copy to go to the Cambridge across the water, which is often in our thoughts here, and with which I have been glad to feel myself in more living connection through my friend the Rev. Dr. Hale, who has kindly consented to be the bearer of this little message."

Important accessories in philology are also noted.

A valuable memento, presented by Dr. Le Baron Russell, is the photograph of Carlyle, presented by him to Emerson. Froude says of it : "There is no likeness of him extant which is so characteristic."

More than four hundred authors in the list given in the Bulletin are represented as having concerned themselves more or less with fossil insects.

A catalogue of the Lee MSS., presented to the library by the late J. W. Harris, is given in this number. It consists principally of very valuable documents relating to colonial and early American history. A part catalogue of the maps, in which the library is so rich, is also given. The list of American authors in geology and paleontology, in which the names of many Harvard men appear, is concluded.

The number concludes with University Notes, including, 1 - Librarian Sibley's Harvard Necrology, and 2 - Notes in Geology and Lithology, by Dr. Wadsworth.

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