Former Defense Department General Counsel Appointed Harvard’s Top Lawyer


Democracy Center Protesters Stage ‘Emergency Rally’ with Pro-Palestine Activists Amid Occupation


Harvard Violated Contract With HGSU in Excluding Some Grad Students, Arbitrator Rules


House Committee on China to Probe Harvard’s Handling of Anti-CCP Protest at HKS


Harvard Republican Club Endorses Donald Trump in 2024 Presidential Election



E. A. Locke's new play, "Mayberry's Girl," is not a success.

Anna Dickinson will appear at the Crystal Palace, London, in May.

Mr. Barrett does not appear to advantage in his new play of "Pendragon."

New York audiences have finally discovered that "Odette" is immoral.

"Taken from Life" is described as an ultramelodrama.

Few Baltimore ladies attended the presentation of "Youth."

"The Colonel" has reached its 400th performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Dot Boucicault has written a comedietta for the Court Theatre, London.

The Paris Gaiete is presenting a dramatization of Hugo's "Quarte-Vingt-Treize."

Minnie Hauk has informed Col. Mapleson, her impressorio, that she will not respond to encores.

A dramatization by Edmond de Goncourt of his novel "La Faustin," is the coming Parisian sensation. Scenes of Paris life in it are described as being "ferociously, brutally true."

Bartley Campbell's new melodrama is entitled "The White Slave."

Mrs. Kendall, who is the best stock actress in England, will come to America next season.

John E. Owens is to get $350 a week at the Madison Square.

Mr. Charles Thorne, the excellent society actor, is about to retire from the stage.

Miss Georgia Cayvan will be Hazel Kirke in the coming presentation of the play in German.

Mr. Pinero is called the cleverest plagiarist of the many at present writing for the stage.

A Paris paper says the "Esmeralda" is a play to which a girl might take her mother.

Miss Adelaide Phillipps expects to be able to rejoin the Ideal Opera Company during its season in this city.

The fourth of the concerts of the Harvard Musical Association takes place Thursday, at the Museum.

Mr. Riddle gives dramatic recitations at the Madison Square, March 2d.

Miss Vennie Clancy is dying of consumption.

A dramatization of Wilkie Collins' "Frozen Deep" will soon be brought out.

Ponsard's "Ulysse" is shortly to be revived, with Gounod's choruses, at the Theatre Francais.

Sardou has written a new play expressly for Bernhardt.

Frank Mayo is appearing in Shakespearian tragedy.

Wilhelmj returns to America in the spring.

Balfe's opera of "Pittore e Duca" was recently presented for the first time in England.

A good critic pronounces "Pinafore" the best of Sullivan's music and "Patience" the poorest.

Clara Morris is said to have declared Wilde's play "dull and uninspiring."

Bret Harte's son is fitting himself for the stage.

Mrs. Langtry has shown herself to be a graceful, intelligent actress, and just critics are ready to acknowledge it.

Merrivale's "Cynic," although a well written play from a literary point of view, has been an utter failure as a dramatic work.

Gerster's repertoire for the New York season includes Ambrose Thomas' "Hamlet."

Campanini made a great success of his Arnoldo in "William Tell."

Eme Roseau is charming in opera bouffe, according to the London papers.

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