Acoustics. Professor Lovering, Harvard, 12 M. (Weekly course.)

Theology of the New Testament. Rev. Alexander McKenzie, D. D., Divinity Hall Chapel, 3 P.M.

American Archaeology. Special subject : "The Mounds and their Contents. Professor Putnam. Peabody Museum, 3 P.M.

Instead of the oral examinations, as announced in Chemistry I., there will be a written examination tomorrow at 10 A.M.

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Theme IV., due Feb. 23. Subjects : 1, Dryden's Prose and Poetry Compared; 2, The Value of Figurative Language; 3, A Description of Charles River; 4, Objections to the Choice of a Legal Profession.


JUNIOR THEMES.Theme III. will be returned with criticisms to sub-section 1 today as follows : Allen to Beals, 3 P.M.; Belshaw to E. T. Cabot, 3.30; H. B. Cabot to Coit, 4; Leatherbee to McInnis, 3 P.M.; McKay to Moulton, 3.30; C. Nichols to O'Callaghan, 4.