Lampoon out today.

Three men obtained 100 per cent. in French 2.

Italian 2 will finish the "Orlando Furioso" next week.

The marks in English 1 will be given out next week.

There will be a German conference this evening in Sever.


Barnes, '85, will soon re-commence to row on his class crew.

A sophomore calls his tobacco Maud S., because it goes so fast. - [Tablet.

There will be a large number of candidates this year for second-year honors in the classics.

It may be well to warn men at this time that there is a law against going sleighing without belles.

It is rumored that an anti-nicotine society has been organized in the senior class of Trinity, consisting of two members.

Several of the Yale Glee Club remained over for a day or two, and visited friends at Harvard yesterday.

The potato is a susceptible vegetable. It is constantly getting mashed. - [Commercial Bulletin.

Mr. Folsom, '81, and pitcher of last year's nine, was in the gymnasium yesterday afternoon pitching for the nine.

The musical and dramatic critics of the New York Herald were recently discharged for accepting theatrical tickets.

Howard University (colored), Washington, D. C., this year has 349 students, a gain of 84 over last year. It has 26 instructors.