Morison, '83, is practising for the two-hand vault.

The freshman crew have begun to use the slides.

Try the Unicum self-lighting cigarette, for sale at Drury's.

Quite a number of '85 men are going to try for the tug-of-war team.

Marks in Greek 2 were given out Saturday and the average was low.


Mr. G. F. Joyce is principal of the high school in Wolfboro, N. H.

The Glee Club sang at an entertainment in Exeter, N. H., Saturday evening.

Marks in Latin 3, Spanish 1 and Greek 3, will probably be given out this week.

Several men were wrestling under the instruction of Mr. Robinson on Saturday.

The Cornell Era speaks of our sanctum as "the very centre of culture." Prosit Era.

The Cornell freshman class will probably challenge Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia to races in eights.

"Inquirer." - No, your derivation is wrong. Curriculum is from Curro, to run; said of a place where ponies are exercised, and hence of a college course.

The Cornell freshmen have instructed the chairman of their boating committee, Mr. Yawger, to negotiate with the boating colleges of the east relative to a freshman race next summer.

The late Samuel Johnson was the second scholar in the class of '42, and was also a graduate of the Divinity School. His great work (still unfinished) was a History of Oriental Religions.

At the dinner of the Harvard Club in Philadelphia Friday evening, President Eliot and Professor J. M. Peirce were present, besides over a hundred other guests. It was a notable success.

Mr. J. H. Allen will begin on Wednesday, March 8, at the Divinity Hall Chapel, a course of twelve lectures on "The Liberal Movement in Theology." Special subjects will be announced from week to week.

The last symphony concert will be given in Sanders Theatre next Wednesday evening, March 1. The programme is as follows:

Prelude, from the music to OEdipus Tyrannus, . . Paine "La Captive," reverie for contralto, . . . . . . Berlioz Unfinished symphony in B minor (by desire) . . Schubert "There was an Ancient King," ballad for contralto, Henschel Symphony in A No. 7 (by desire), . . . . . . Beethoven Soloist, Miss Mary H. How.

FURNITURE. Parlor, chamber, dining-room, library and office furniture. An immense stock in the warerooms of PAINE'S manufactory, 48 Canal street, opposite Boston and Maine depot.