The new five-cent Garfield postage stamp will be ready for issue in March.

The Queen of England will visit France in March. She will travel incognito.

The President has sent a special message to Congress on the subject of lawlessness in Arizona.

The pugilist, Ryan, is suffering somewhat from his bruises, but will probably be all right in a day or two.

Guiteau is gradually losing hope. He receives every day by mail many reminders of his coming fate in the shape of ropes suggestively noosed.


A new route from Boston to Chicago is being projected. The route will be much shorter than any other existing or proposed between Boston and Chicago.

In the Senate yesterday Mr. Hoar presented a protest from the National Woman Suffrage Association of Massachusetts against disfranchising the women of Utah, unless the men of that territory be also disfranchised.

The stock market in New York yesterday was feverish, opening strong, declining, and then advancing again. There was strong buying of stocks on the growing belief that there is to be a general advance in the future.

The German ship Lizette was seen in the ice off St. John's last Sunday evening, with signs of distress. Tuesday morning tugs found her sunk on a reef. Five dead bodies have come ashore, and it is believed that all were lost.

The Philadelphia Record today will publish an article disclosing a scheme in connection with the proposed approval of the elevated railway project by city councils, wherein it is charged that a clique of New Yorkers, through an agent in that city, made overtures for bribing city councils and the newspapers, $50,000 in cash and $1,000,000 in bonds being set aside for corruption purposes, and that the agent fell into the snares of the street car managers, who drew out of him all the details of his scheme.

At the annual reunion of the Dartmouth College alumni last night at Pinard's, the following named officers were elected : Daniel G. Rollins, '60, president; Prof. John Ordronaux, LL. D., '50, J. Wyman Jones, '41, H. K. Twombly, '54, vice-presidents; Charles R. Miller, '72, secretary; Sanford H. Steele, '70, treasurer; J. Whitney Barstow, M. D., corresponding secretary, and George S. Willey, M. D., '72, musical director. Resolutions were adopted, with but a single dissenting voice, reaffirming a series of resolutions adopted by the association at a meeting held June 7, 1881, in which the unfitness of President Bartlett for the position he holds was set forth, and calling upon him to resign. A resolution of eulogy to the late E. W. Stoughton was also adopted.

THE WEATHEWASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 9, 1882, 1 A.M. For New England, fair weather, followed by increasing cloudiness, with rain or snow, westerly winds, shifting to easterly, stationary or higher temperature, followed by falling barometer.