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The King of Saxony has been invested with the Order of the Garter. Many English and German nobles were present at the ceremony.

Roscoe Conkling will probably be confirmed as associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States today. His nomination was favorably reported to the Senate in executive session, yesterday.

The House naval affairs committee decided yesterday that the new ships to be constructed under the construction bill should be of "open hearth," instead of Bessemer steel. The amount of steel required will be about 25,000 tons.

The meeting of the Liberals at Mr. Gladstone's residence yesterday produced an excellent effect on the party. The Conservatives are discouraged, and there is no concealment of their desire that the House of Lords now abandon its attitude and give assurance that the inquiry will not interfere with the judicial operation of the land act.

Here lies a mewer immured,


Felis in felicity.

Her molars immolated many a mole,

A micer, my sir, was she.