Former Defense Department General Counsel Appointed Harvard’s Top Lawyer


Democracy Center Protesters Stage ‘Emergency Rally’ with Pro-Palestine Activists Amid Occupation


Harvard Violated Contract With HGSU in Excluding Some Grad Students, Arbitrator Rules


House Committee on China to Probe Harvard’s Handling of Anti-CCP Protest at HKS


Harvard Republican Club Endorses Donald Trump in 2024 Presidential Election



The Brown juniors propose to have a subscription ball this year, in place of the traditional burial of Calculus.

At Williams, Clark Hall and the new observatory building are nearly completed, and in the spring, work will be commenced on a new dormitory. There is increasing satisfaction with the new administration and its more liberal regime.

The Bowdoin Orient has some opinions on the present regime at Yale and its methods of instruction, and thinks that in this matter that "a radical change, both in principle and practice, must be made if Yale is to hold in the future the high position she has enjoyed in the past."

The Harvard Lampoon has probably a larger circulation and a more extended reputation with the general public than any other college periodical. If American humor in general has a peculiar flavor and twang of its own which gives it a world-wide reputation, certainly that species of American humor that goes under the name of college humor has a still racier and sharper individuality if not so extended a vogue. We think few will deny that of all college journals the Lampoon has been and is the best representative and exponent of this peculiar humor. Its only considerable rival hitherto has been the Columbia Spectator, (although the Spectator differs so much in its scope from the Lampoon that it may perhaps deny that it is a rival of the latter,) and although it can undoubtedly be said without any undue exhibition of local pride that the Lampoon has far surpassed the Spectator in all literary features and in the character of its letter-press in general, yet it must be confessed that the latter often excels the former in the artistic merit and in the humor of its illustrations. A third competitor has now entered the field in the form of the Princeton Tiger ; and although no judgment can fairly be made from a single number, and that a first issue, it seems likely that the Tiger may prove itself sometime a rival by no means to be despised. Of course every college journal is first and foremost a local journal, and therefore in this respect there can be no rivalry between these three papers ; but on the ground of general merit there must inevitably be a considerable struggle between them. Naturally we doubt if the Lampoon is in any imminent danger of being surpassed by either the Spectator or the Tiger, but a healthy and friendly emulation can do no harm, and may result in considerable improvement in all three.

The Vassar Miscellany draws the following harrowing picture of the griefs of ye annex maiden : "The 'annex' has neither the burden nor the protection of rules. Indeed, its freedom is so great that it often becomes loneliness. It is true that, at her isolated boarding-place, the 'annex' student is at liberty to 'keep her light up' till daybreak, and to imprison herself indoors from one week's end to the other. Over and against these privileges, place the fact that her most intimate friend lives a mile or two away, and that, at the end of a year, she is acquainted with but four or five of her fellow-students, and one fears that she is losing irrevocably the school-girl good times that should be among the happiest memories of her later life. Nor does she have those advantages of Cambridge society, which, at first thought, we should expect from her residence in the rare old town. This, however, is but the inevitable separation of 'town and gown,' as wide in Cambridge as in Poughkeepsie. The world outside goes about its business, and the colleges do the same." We may also notice that the "annex" is discussed in the current number of "Education," the bi-monthly review.

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