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The list of entries for today's events at the Gymnasium is as follows :

For the Two-Hand Vault. - Messrs. T. C. Batchelder, '83; Soren, '83; G. B. Morison, '83; Denniston, '83; Field, '84; Stone, '85; Woodward, '84; Atkinson, '85; Howard, '85.

For the Fencing (first drawing). - First bout, Henry, Jr., S. S.; Ordway, L. S. Second bout, McDonald, '82; Underwood, '84; D. Leavitt, Jr., S. S. (a bye).

Light Weight Sparring. - First bout, Spalding, '82; O. G. Smith, '83. Second bout, Dorr, '83; Butler, '83.

Club Swinging (legitimate), each contestant being limited to five minutes. - A. Hamlin, '84; Barnes, '85; Luce, '82; Kent, '85.

Feather Weight Sparring - Harrison, S. S., Lowman, '84, Heilbron, '83, (a bye.)

Fencing (second drawing) - D. Leavitt, S. S., winner of the second bout of the first drawing.

Standing High Jump - Soren, '83, Batchelder, '83, Edmands, S. S., Denniston, '83, Morison, '83.

Tug-of-War, between '82 and '83 - From '82, McArthur, H. F. Smith, Manning, Delaney, (anchor); from '83, W. H. Page, Batchelder, Mitchell, Codman, (anchor.)

Dr. Dudley N. Sargent will again act as referee, and Prof. Byerly and Wilbur Parker as judges; Mr. J. Boyle O'Reilly referee for sparring, and as judges of sparring, Mr. Edward C. Ellis and Mr. Clifford Bryham. Judges of fencing, H. E. Guild and Curtis Guild, Jr. The judge for club swinging will be C. P. Nichols. In addition to the regular prizes for each event, the contestant displaying the greatest proficiency in sparring of all the contestants at the winter meetings, will receive a special prize.

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