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The freshmen will begin Analytic Geometry today.

On account of the resolutions, no games for the nine have been arranged.

The candidates for the freshman nine are being coached by Winslow and Nichols of the 'Varsity.

Professor Greenough's Latin reading, announced for this evening, has been postponed.

Professor Lovering will lecture on "Electricity and Magnetism," this afternoon.

The auditor of Memorial Hall will receive after this year $1200 as his annual salary.

The subject for the next theme in English 5 will be an analysis of the character of some person in history or in fiction.

Greek 3 has begun book XXIV of the Odyssey, on the completion of which book X. of the Iliad will be taken up.

Professor Roebrig of Cornell, has adopted the recent Sanscrit Reader by Professor Lanman, as the text book for his Sanscrit class.

Inter-collegiate baseball meeting at Springfield, on Friday, March 14th. Messrs. Coolidge, Crocker, LeMoyne and Thayer, will represent Harvard.

The University of Pennsylvania will endeavor to arrange a race with Harvard. Should her attempt fail, she will claim the championship.

Professor-"Mention an oxide." Student-"Leather." Professor-"Oxide of what?" Student-"Oxhide of beef." Professor looks anxiously around for an eraser.-[Ex.

The editor of the London Times has just passed his thirtieth year. He is reported to have won many prizes at Oxford, and to have written the prize poem.

Ex-Governor Chamberlain, of South Carolina, is to reply to the Phi Beta Kappa oration of Mr. Adams, at the 53rd annual meeting of the American Institute of Instruction.

Mr. F. J. Stimson, the author of "Guerndale," a novel of Harvard life, has written another novel, which will be published in the spring, along with a volume of short stories.

At Williams the freshmen took a cane into the chapel and displayed it in the presence of the faculty. The sophs couldn't stand this, and a general rush ensued, which the faculty stopped with much difficulty. They soon had to stop another one, and disorder is yet rampant.

In a sparring match at the Yale athletic meeting, between Williams, '85 and Dyer, '86, the latter was severely injured. No blame is attached to Williams, as his opponent was in no condition physically to contest in such a match, and should not have been permitted to do so.

The price of board at Memorial Hall during February was $4.21. The reason for this advance from the price for January is, that provisions are now dearer, and because, wages and dues being paid by the month, they make the average per man higher during a short month.


The freshmen have a larger number of men then usual in training, but there seems to be no one to keep them up to their work, and so they loose interest and are not as regular as they should be in their attendance at the gymnasium. The university crew is in almost as bad a way. We have heard that there are a number of new and promising men working, but we have not yet seen an eight at the machines. A few men are conscientious in their training, but the majority are not. And all this in the face of the fact that we have Harvard's last year's crew to row against. The outlook is certainly not very bright, and unless the boat club wakes up and sees that the men are kept up to their work, the result of its inactivity will be most disastrous. We have excellent material for both our crews, but unless that material is properly trained, it will be useless. [Acta.

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