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The following are the amendments to the articles of the Cooperative Association :

II. The board of directors is to consist of a president, treasurer, and one director each from each college class - one from the Divinity School, one from the Episcopal Theological School, one from the faculty, and two from the Law School.

III. A vacancy in the office of president or treasurer shall be filled temporarily by the board, until a meeting of the society shall elect permanent officers.

IV. Meetings of the society can be called by the directors on a week's notice.

V. The superintendent's salary may not be decreased during the year.

VII. All surplus income shall not be paid to the corporation, but shall be turned over to the reserve fund of the society. If there occurs a deficiency at the end of the year, it shall be met by a pro rata assessment upon the members. A commission shall be charged by the board for the storage of second-hand articles offered for sale.

IX. No credit is to be allowed to members or others.

XIII. All amendments to the articles by the board must be ratified by the society before going into effect.