Our trousers, too, would certainly have been too wide and our coats too long if it were not for a conspicuous, not to say indecent, display of trouserings made by certain other of our friends.

How should we have known, again, that to look like a light green caterpillar was the duty of every devotee at the shrine of Fashion, were it not that Y - kindly reminds us of the fact three times a day.

Then W - reminds us daily with his arms, made to look like the arcs of a never-to-be-completed circle, that there still exists such a thing as the "Harvard swing" and that it is our duty to perpetuate this peripatetic peculiarity.

Let us not forget their uses and let us pray for the continuation of the species, knowing as we do that they are few :

"And fear not lest Existence closing your


Account and mine, should know the like no more;

The eternal Saki from that bowl has pour'd

Millions of bubbles like us, and will pour."