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In looking over the account of the late Harvard-Yale foot-ball game in the New Haven Union, we were struck by the great difference between the attitude of the New Haven papers toward Yale and that of the Boston papers toward Harvard. It was a noticeable fact that the New Haven daily was even more partizan and unjust toward Harvard than the Yale News itself; the writer could neither praise Yale too much nor heap enough abuse upon Harvard, showing that the Union, at least, stood prepared to back Yale in whatever she did, good or bad.

In striking contrast with the above is the conduct of our Boston papers toward us; they pass over Yale's mode of playing with a cool indifference; they say that Yale played an unfair game, but they simply mention the fact casually, and do not even take the trouble to condemn such play. It is not only on this occasion, but on many similar ones that our Boston dailies have shown their absolute indifference to Harvard interests. This would not be so noticeable but for the fact that several of the New York papers show enough interest in college matters to give Harvard a fair show in their columns.

What the cause of this conduct on the part of Boston papers is can only be conjectured. It is well known that most of the reporters of college affairs are college graduates. The opinion has been advanced that the spirit shown in these accounts of games is simply a manifestation of the old complaint, Harvard indifference - this time a sort of postgraduate indifference.

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