Academic Council. Stated meeting. University 5, 8 P.M.

Physiology and Hygiene. Special subject : "Respiration" (continued). Professor James. Sever 11, 2 P.M.

Liberal Movement in Theology. Special subject : "Early Unitarianism in New England." Mr. J. H. Allen. Divinity Hall Chapel, 12 M.

Harvard Union Debate. Sever 11, 7.30 P.M. The question is : "Resolved, That Webster's position as defined in his 7th of March speech was justifiable."

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Mr. Drennan's Section. - Theme VI. will be due from all the sections April 27 and 28. Subjects : 1. Should a Co-operative Society be formed in Harvard College? 2. Is there a Science and Art of Public Speaking? 3. Ought President Jackson to have removed the deposits? 4. Ought the State to own the Railroads? 5. Should the Suffrage be granted to Women? 6. Should the Suffrage be still further limited? 7. Should a new College boat-house be built? 8. Ought Hamilton to have accepted Burr's challenge? The first draft of the Theme will consist of a brief or scheme, containing only the heads of the argument. This will be criticised by the instructor and returned to the student to be written out. The completed production will be subjected to no further criticism, but will be marked on its merits, largely with regard to its value as an argumentative composition.


Mr. Gummere's Section. - Theme V. will be returned to sub-section 1 (Agassiz to Furness) April 20; to sub-section 2 (J. G. Gardiner to Kent) April 27; to sub-section 3 (Kipp to Wilson) May 4.

Theme VI. will be due on May 11. For subjects, see Mr. Drennan's notice.