Mass. State Rep. Calls on University VP to Increase Transparency for Allston Multimodal Project


Harvard President Lawrence Bacow Made $1.1 Million in 2020, Financial Disclosures Show


Harvard Executive Vice President Katie Lapp To Step Down


81 Republican Lawmakers File Amicus Brief Supporting SFFA in Harvard Affirmative Action Lawsuit


Duke Senior’s Commencement Speech Appears to Plagiarize 2014 Address by Harvard Student




A man in Texas says he is willing and eager to die in Guiteau's place.

Disastrous floods still continue at various places in the Mississippi valley.

Bradlaugh has been expelled, and the House orders a new election in Northampton.

Another of the victims of the Chester explosion has died. The coroner's jury severely censure the owners of the fireworks factory.

M. Emilio Castelar fears a general Sclavic invasion of Europe, and wishes the Latin races to form a close defensive alliance with the German people against them.

It is thought Senator Edmunds will accept the position in the Supreme Court offered him by President Arthur. In that case, ex-Gov. Smith will probably be elected senator in his place.

E. E. Hale, J. W. Bartlett and J. Bancroft Davis are consulting with the Senate committee on library with reference to the purchase of the valuable Franklin papers now held in London by Mr. H. Stevens.

The Garfield expense committee have reported to the House. Their report is not yet published, but it is said that Hamilton and Agnew get $15,000 each; Bliss, $10,000; and Rayburn, Boynton and Edson, $5,000 each.

Arthur Lucas of Albany, who had been selected to respond to the toast "Class of '84," at the Montreal banquet of the Dartmouth freshmen, was seized and abducted by a masked party of sophomores just before the class started. He says they were careful not to hurt him, and furnished money to pay his fare home from the place where they left him, but compelled him to promise not to divulge the names of his abductors. There is great indignation among the freshmen.

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