The nine left last evening for New York.

Throwing the discus has begun on Jarvis.

Several club tables are organizing rival nines.

The freshman nine at Yale have been doing some hard hitting lately.

Hall, '82, has been practising as change pitcher for the 'Varsity nine.


The first one of the theses in N. H. 2 was read yesterday morning.

Prof. N. S. Shaler has returned from Europe, but will soon start on a trip to Kentucky.

A special train will be run from New Haven to Cambridge for the Yale men next Saturday.

The University Foot-Ball Team will probably be photographed at 12 today on the steps of Matthews.

The section in Latin 1 has finished reading Tacitus, and hereafter will read Horace, on Mondays.

In the game with the Stock Exchange nine today, Baker will play short-stop and Lovering second base.

Prof. James dismissed Philosophy 4 this morning without recitation, as he was too unwell to conduct it.

Prof. Paine's piano-forte recital, announced for next Friday, has been postponed indefinitely on account of illness.

The edition of the "Trinummus" of Plautus to be used by the freshmen is by Fleckeisen in the Teubner Library.

Game of the freshmen with Andover today. Train leaves Boston & Maine depot at 12.30. Tickets, $1.00, at Bartlett's.