The New Gen Ed Lottery System, Explained


Armed Individuals Sighted in Harvard Square Arraigned


Harvard Students Form Coalition Supporting Slave Photo Lawsuit's Demands


Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay



Again we begin to feel the need of plank walks.

A large number of strangers visited the college on Saturday.

Visitor to student: "Where is the theology part of this school?"

Harry calls our proctor Conscience, because he makes cowards of us all.

It looks as though great interest would be taken in athletics this spring.

Rev. Leighton Parks conducted the services at Appleton Chapel yesterday.

Prof. of philosophy - "What is a species of a species is a species of the genus of that species."

Dr. Hildreth, who is attending Billy, says that he will not be able to go on his route for several weeks.

Freshman algebra must have been poorly attended judging by the postcripts to the bulletin for this week.

The 'Varsity Crew run on North avenue in the afternoon after practising on the rowing and chest weights in the gymnasium.

Members of Physics 3 are requested to read the first three chapters in Tait's "Recent Advances in Physical Science" for tomorrow.

Prof. Jacquinot says that in the recent examination in freshman French, better marks were obtained than for many preceding years.

Some one doubts the rhetorical abilities of U. 5. Vide the following note and query at the library: "Is it correct to say 'from Dec. 23rd to Jan. 2nd, inclusive?' "

On Thursday the Harvard Union meets at Sever 11. The question for debate is, - Resolved, That the cabinet officers should be admitted to the floor of Congress.

It is a striking fact that many plays that are well received in Boston meet with but little success elsewhere. This was well seen in "The Colonel," which drew crowded houses at the Museum, and in many other cities, Philadelphia especially, was a dismal failure.

For those who have an idea that college students devote all their energies to taking their ease and enjoying themselves, it would be a good thing to visit the library between the hours of 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. [The time of the semis draws nigh.]

WHAT IS A KISS?A monosyllable form of communication, composed only of labials, frequently used as a conjunction, although an article, and more common than proper.

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