The U. S. S. Tallapoosa has arrived at Portsmouth from Boston.

The spring meeting of the Maryland Jockey Club was opened successfully yesterday at Pimlico.

A large tract of Canadian timber land is in flames, and much valuable cord wood is being destroyed.

The race for the Woodcote stakes at London yesterday was won by Beau Brummel in a field of eight starters.

The ice blockade off Nova Scotia still continues. No clear water can be seen in many places, and several vessels are ice-bound.


The corporation of Cork have offered a reward of $1,000 for the discovery of the murderers of Lord Cavendish and Mr. Burke.

A terrible collision occurred yesterday between an immigrant train, returning from Montreal to Manitoba, and a freight train. The damage to the company was about $50,000.

Base-ball games yesterday. - At Troy, Troy, 1; Boston, 0. At Chicago, Detroit, 3; Chicago, 1. At Cleveland, Cleveland, 4; Buffalo, 3. At Providence, Brown, 9; Yale, 8. At Princeton, Princeton, 16; Amherst, 4. At Baltimore, Cincinnati, 12; Baltimore, 8. At New York, Met., 12; Allegheny, 6.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., May 24, 1882 - 1 A. M. For New England, clear weather, variable winds, mostly westerly, stationary or higher temperature and pressure.