Yesterday was a lively day in Wall street.

It is said President Arthur desires Lowell to resign.

The Senate has passed a bill for the relief of Howard University.

Senator Stewart has been nominated by the Independent Republicans of that State for Governor.

Justin Winsor represented Harvard at the meeting of the American Library Association at Cincinnati yesterday.


A terrible explosion of gas occurred at the Kohinoor colliery at Shenandoah, Pa., yesterday. Six men were killed and three fatally injured.

There are as yet no signs of the dead-lock in the House of Representatives breaking. There was quite a sensational scene yesterday in the House over Hewitt's letter.

The Senate yesterday passed a bill appropriating a sum not to exceed $200,000 for the relief of the officers and crew of the U. S. steamer Monitor who participated in the action with the rebel iron-clad in March, 1862.

Games played yesterday: At Providence, Providence 5, Worcesters 3; at Cleveland, Clevelands 5; Buffalos 1; at New Haven, Yales 13, Amhersts 1 - (Base hits, Yale 15, Amhersts 4; totals, Yales 19, Amhersts 4; errors, Yales 4, Amhersts 6); at Philadelphia, Philadelphias 10, Bostons 9; Athletics 16, St. Louis 5; at Brunswick, Me., Bates 9, Bowdoins 8.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., May 25, 1882 - 1 A. M. For New England, increasing cloudiness, local rains, variable winds, stationary or lower temperature and pressure.