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The Longfellow Memorial Association, recently incorporated by the State of Massachusetts, has appointed a committee of some of its honorary members in college to receive one dollar subscriptions from persons connected with the university. The names of the members of the committee are published below. The money subscribed will be used to purchase and lay out as a public park the land opposite the Longfellow house, and to erect upon it a statue or other memorial to the memory of the poet. It is also designed by the association to buy the Longfellow house, should it ever leave the hands of its present owners, and keep it intact, as Mount Vernon is kept - as a living and unchanging reminder of the great poet. The association is conducted by men eminently well qualified for their position, both from their personal distinction and their long and close knowledge of Mr. Longfellow. The president is our present minister to England, James Russell Lowell; the vice-presidents are Oliver Wendell Holmes, John G. Whittier, Charles W. Eliot, Charles Deane and W. D. Howells; the secretary is Arthur Gilman, and the treasarer, John Bartlett. Subscriptions are to be received all over the country and each person subscribing one dollar becomes thereby an honorary member. The following-named honorary members of the association have been appointed a committee to receive subscriptions of one dollar each from members of Harvard University: Frank Bolles, chairman; E. H. Pendleton, W. H. Manning, F. E. Fuller, J. H. Storer, J. P. Gardner and Robert Codman from '82; George Lowell, Joseph Lee, Horace Binney, Edmund S. Rousmaniere, Charles H. Kip and Herbert Putnam from '83; S. A. Eliot, W. B. Noble, Hollis Webster, Gordon Abbott, T. J. Coolidge and Allen Curtis from '84; C. H. Atkinson, Eliot Norton, J. F. Holland, F. A. Delano, John Codman and W. R. Trask, '85; R. M. Salstonstall, James Otis and Josiah Quincy from the Law School; Hiram Price Collier from the Divinity School; George Cary from the Scientific School; John W. Suter from the resident graduates, and Lewis Livingston Delafield from the unmatriculated students.

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