Mass. State Rep. Calls on University VP to Increase Transparency for Allston Multimodal Project


Harvard President Lawrence Bacow Made $1.1 Million in 2020, Financial Disclosures Show


Harvard Executive Vice President Katie Lapp To Step Down


81 Republican Lawmakers File Amicus Brief Supporting SFFA in Harvard Affirmative Action Lawsuit


Duke Senior’s Commencement Speech Appears to Plagiarize 2014 Address by Harvard Student



President Hinsdale of Hiram College, has been elected school superintendent of Cleveland.

The Iowa State University is this year giving instruction in stenography to seventy young men and women.

Mr. George William Curtis will give an address before the alumni of Brown University during commencement week.

Three women have already taken the B. S. degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and two are candidates for it this year.

Civil Service Reform is said to have triumphed in the recent decisions made by the Milwaukee board of education in regard to the tenure of office of teachers. The superintendent is trying to make arrangements whereby length of service and continued faithfulness may have some substantial acknowledgment.

It is suggested in a Southern journal that a better plan than lies in compulsory education is to employ excellent teachers and to pay them, in addition to their salaries, a percentage on every unwilling or careless child whom they are able to coax into school. It is further suggested that a discount should be imposed on them for every child dropping out of the school, and that their salaries should be discontinued if they fail to keep up their schools.

The Boston Advertiser in mentioning a wealthy Italian who had amassed his fortune in the "profession" of bottle-gathering, says that "the young men of our colleges who are standing on 'the threshold of active life,' should bear in mind this new profession." It add that "a good many young men on emerging from college have a larger capital of empty bottles than of information." The Boston Advertiser should bottle up such remarks for future use as they are not needed at present.

The following extracts from the Courant, of Yale, and the representative paper of Brown, showing the feeling of these colleges in regard to their chances of winning the base-ball championship this year, will be of interest to our readers. Says the Courant: "The result of the games played thus far by the different colleges in the league for the college championship are very encouraging to Yale's prospects for ultimate success, which are increased by the manifest improvement in the nine. Yet, as the varying fortunes of the different college nines last year demonstrated, nothing definite or even extremely probable can be predicted. The best we can do is to do just what we have done hitherto, viz: To give the players and the management our confidence, and show an active interest in their work by presence at the games."

The annual inter-collegiate contests will take place on the Polo Grounds this afternoon, beginning at 2.30 o'clock. Entries have been received from Amherst, Bowdoin, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Hamilton, Harvard, Lafayette, Lehigh, New York College, Princeton, Rutgers, Stevens Institute, Trinity, Union, University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan, Williams and Yale.

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