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The Yale athletic meeting occurs today.

There was a cut in History I. yesterday.

Lafayette sophomores have a brass band of fifteen pieces.

The freshmen are soon to have a one-hour examination in Physics.

Dr. Sargent lectures on the effects of tobacco in Sever 11 this afternoon at 2.

The temporary loss of many men seriously affects the form of the freshman crew.

The "anti-professional gang" is the Yale Courant's choice term for Amherst, Harvard, etc.

The candidates for the physical development prizes, we regret to report, are dropping off.

Mr. C. P. Parker will read the fourth book of Virgil's Aeneid in Sever 11 this evening at 7.30.

The name of T. C. Bachelder, '83, was inadvertently omitted from the list of Phi Beta Kappa from the senior class.

The Cornell faculty has refused permission to the nine to take its proposed trip among the Eastern colleges this spring.

Soph. (translating "Milla tum pransi tria reprimus") : "And after we had eaten three thousand suppers we crawled along." - [Ex.

Dartmouth has voted to continue under Corcoran, the pitcher of the Chicagos, and arrange a series of games with Williams, Cornell and Rutgers.

A hospital of the veterinary department of Harvard is to be erected in Boston on the corner of Village and Lucas streets, and will be ready for occupancy early in June.

Prof. G. L. Goodale will give the first and last lecture in a course of lectures on the "Food of Plants and Animals" at the rooms of the Boston Natural History Society. The first lecture will be on March 27 at 11 A. M.

Next Thursday the section in Greek I. will use the first fifteen minutes of the hour in writing a translation of some passage taken from the first 570 lines of the "Birds" of Aristophanes. If the student wishes, the marks received on these exercises will be counted in for a part of the year's work, in place of the translation on the final.

Two Cambridge gentlemen will soon publish books. Mr. Arthur Gilman has about finished the "History of the United States," upon which he has been engaged for some time. Col. T. W. Higginson is at work upon the biography of Margaret Fuller.

The trustees of Columbia College have declared it inexpedient to educate the sexes together in Columbia College. They deem it expedient, however, to take measures to raise the standard of female education by proposing courses of study to be pursued outside the college, but under its authorities and with suitable academic honors.

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