The following will be the programme of the regatta of the Union Boat Club on June 17:

1. The single shell race, two miles with a turn, will be started from the front of the Union Boat Club house promptly at 1.30 P. M. There are six entries.

2. The eight-oar shell race between the Narragansett Club of Providence and the Harvard University and Freshman Crews, two miles straightaway, will be started at the Brookline bridge, at 2 P. M., and finish in front of the boat house. The Narragansett Crew has the inside position, the 'Varsity the middle, and the Freshmen the outside.

3. Double shell race. Course same as first race. Will be started at 2.30 P. M. There are five entries.

Positions for first and third races will be drawn in the club room of the U. B. C. at 1 P. M.


WM. S. EATON, JR.,Capt. U. B. C.