Princeton wishes a $5000 organ for her new chapel.

Next year a course of law lectures is to be delivered at Lasell by Mr. Hemenway of Boston.

The Yale faculty, in accordance with a petition from the prospective Yale men in the academy, will send a board of examiners to Andover to hold entrance examination on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 29, 30 and July 1.

The Yale College Base-Ball Association last week elected officers as follows : President, Charles H. Yates, '83; vice-president, E. H. Skinner, Scientific School, '83; treasurer, Morrison W. Young; secretary, S. A. Booth. The Foot-Ball Association elected the following officers : Stanley Shafer, '83, president; R. W. Hamill, '84, secretary and treasurer.

Interest is being awakened in athletics in France. A splendid fete of athletes has been held at Reims, at which about 2,000 young men from all parts of France assisted. The minister of public instruction attended the banquet, and said that if his hopes and his programme were only adhered to, France would in a few years' time be able to point with pride to a race of active and manly youths, somewhat different in physique and appearance from the pallid boys who loiter about a small courtyard, or walk in procession through the streets on half-holidays.

The New York Herald says of the Columbia crew who are already at their New London quarters : "The race with Harvard takes place on Saturday, June 24, and Columbia has the advantage of a full week's practice on the course before the Harvard crew arrives. On Wednesday the crew had a trial over the full Harlem river course, and the result was eminently satisfactory. Since the brilliant victory of the Columbia eight in the Harlem regatta last week, the followers of the blue and white have pegged their hopes up very high on the result of their race with Harvard. That race is no certainty for either crew, and, although Harvard has a very decided advantage in the matter of weight, which years of experience has proved to be an important factor in the decision of eight-oared races, Columbia offsets that with a much smarter and more taking stroke. A hard race may be expected, especially if, as is likely to be the case, Columbia shows in advance early in the struggle.

The graduating class at West Point this year numbers thirty-seven. The existing vacancies in the army at present are only thirty-one. Unless there are six more vacancies between now and July 1, that number will be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the act of June 11, 1878, which provides, that from and after July 1, 1882, only such number of the graduates of the United States Military Academy in any one year shall be entitled to appointment as second lieutenants in the army as are required to fill vacancies of that grade existing on the first day of July in each year, those entitled to appointment to said vacancies to be determined by the academic board on the basis of their standing in the graduating class; and hereafter no supernumerary officers shall be attached to any company or corps of the army, and all graduates of the Military Academy who are not appointed to the army under the provisions of this act shall be discharged upon the graduation of their class.

The edict has gone forth to lower the net in lawn tennis, and that for the future, in single matches, the correct height of the net will be three feet six inches at the post and three feet at the centre. The new rule will be adopted in the contest for the championship at Wimbledon. It seems a very great pity that so many alterations are made in the game. The end will be to spoil it. This lowering of the net was not at all desirable. The height kept down the experiments in overhand serving. - [London Court Journal.