A large audience of over two thousand people assembled in the vicinity of the Union boathouse last Saturday afternoon to witness the regatta given under the auspices of the Union boat Club. The event was, of course, of especial interest to Harvard men in view of the approaching Columbia and Yale races, and, as a consequence, they gathered in large numbers about the boat-house and at the Beacon-street wall. Among the spectators were a goodly number of ladies, many of whom displayed the familiar crimson parasols and who joined heartily in the cheers for the college crews. The general state of the weather was delightful, but on the return course the oarsmen were seriously interfered with by the stiff breeze that blew up the river, while in the upper part of the course the water was quite lumpy, so that several of the boats shipped water. In view of these circumstances it will be seen that the time made is rather good.

THE SINGLE SCULL.For this there were seven entries and five starters. The winner was John Buckly of Portland, Me., who crossed the line in 14 min. 32 sec.

THE EIGHT OARED.The principal feature of the day was, of course, the race between the 'Varsity, Freshman and the Narragansett crew of Providence. The crews were made up as follows :


Positions. Names. Weight.

Bow E. T. Cabot 172

No. 2 F. L. Sawyer 169

No. 3 R. P. Perkins 179

No. 4 (and captain) C. M. Hammond 181

No. 5 E. A. S. Clarke 177

No. 6 S. T. Hudgens 180

No. 7 W. Chalfant 180

Stroke C. P. Curtis 152

Coxswain S. P. Sanger 96

Average weight of men, 165 pounds.