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Almost contemporaneous with the founding of the HARVARD HERALD was the establishing of a book-store creditable to Cambridge. Although it is not many months since Moses King opened a book-store at 400 Harvard street he has already introduced a stock of books which is not surpassed in Middlesex County. He aims to keep standard and miscellaneous books - new and second-hand - and to sell them as low as they are sold in the book-stores at New York or Boston. He strives to please his patrons by prompt delivery, reasonable prices, favorable terms and honest opinions regarding the books. He is entitled to the patronage of Harvard men for he makes a specialty of their trade, keeping in stock a goodly number of the very numerous lines of books that have been written by Harvard graduates and students, and keeping track of a great many more that he would be unwarranted in purchasing to keep in stock. He also makes a specialty of handling the various publications of the several departments of the university, such as those of the museums, of the library, of the observatory, etc. His place of business is always in neat order, his show windows are usually attractive, and he is constantly striving to meet the demands of the people in the vicinity of Harvard square. Next autumn he will keep the largest stock of miscellaneous and text books ever brought to Cambridge, and these books will include books imported from England, France, Germany and other countries, and books of value by reason of their rarity or of their intrinsic value. On all text books his prices will be as low as any one can afford to sell them. The HARVARD HERALD has a number of times spoken kindly of the various works of Mr. King, and probably in future volumes it will continue to speak favorably of the store, which, now that it has gained a firm footing, is likely always to meet with the approbation of the community.

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