The third concert of the series given in Sanders Theatre last night was well attended. The audience was large and enthusiastic. The programme was by far the most popular we have yet heard. The recitations were all rendered with the care and taste that characterizes all of Mr. Henschel's work. In the absence of Mr. Winch, Mr. Henschel consented to fill his place, to the delight of the audience. His two selections were from the "Meister-Singer" and the ever-welcome "Two Grenediers." The latter selection introducing the Marseillaise, was received with a round of hearty applause that continued for some minutes. Schumann's symphony and the familliar ballet music from "Feramors," divided the honors of the evening among the orchestral pieces. The only criticism we venture is that the orchestra in the accompaniment to Mr. Henschel's selections, was too prominent, and in places drowned out the singer's voice entirely. The following is the programme:

Overture (Hebrides) Mendelssohn

Recitative and Air (Meister Singer) Wagner

Symphony in D minor, No. 4, op. 120 Schumann

Introduction, Allegro, Romance, Scherzo and Finale.

Prelude (Loreley) Brnch

Die Zwei Grenadiere Schumann

Ballet-Music (Feramors) Rubenstein

a Dance of Bayaderes.

b Candle-Dance of the Brides of Kashmire.

c Wedding March.