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Mr. McCagg gave a fine solo in chapel yesterday morning.

H. J. Dillenback, '82, has become one of the proprietors of the Boston Times.

A Bowdoin student is credited with having made some important improvements in the spectroscope.

The inter-collegiate conference of the Y. M. C. A. will be held this week at Amherst.

There has been another outbreak of hazing at the Annapolis Naval Academy.

The alumni of the Bowdoin college medical school have founded an association.

J. A. Frye, '86, has been elected a member of the executive committee of five, of the Massachusetts Rifle Association.

Professor Harkness, of Brown, the celebrated Latin scholar, has been spending the winter in Italy, for the benefit of his health.

There is doubt if the records made at the Union meeting can stand, as the track was not measured with sufficient care.

Mr. J. K. Simpson, who won the second place in the running high kick and pole vault, was last year a student at the Dental School and played on the University Lacrosse team.

G. H. Heilbron, '83, a former editor of the HARVARD-HERALD, has left the Boston University Law School and accepted a position on the Boston Globe.

At a conference, in which there will be represented twenty colleges, for the discussion of the athletic question, in New York, tonight, Harvard will be represented by Dr. Sargent.

J. Louis, who ran a good second to Baker in the quarter mile run, Wednesday night, is a member of the H. A. A., being a second year medical student.

A great many men expect to leave Cambridge next week and the week after to recuperate from the violent mental strain caused by having to do half a year's work in three weeks.

At the request of the Chinese government, five Chinese youths were admitted in September to West Point, and five to Annapolis. All of them are of the rank of princes.

The university crew now rowing in the gymnasium is made up as follows: Bow, Flanders, '85, capt.; 2, Bolton, S. '86; 3, Patten, '86; 4, Schultze, '85; 5, Merritt '84; 6, Hobbs, '85; 7, Peters, '86; stroke, Appleton, '86. [News.

One of the most interesting and valuable features of the Johns Hopkins University library is the newspaper bureau. A trained editor and a staff of assistants read all the representative dailies, mark superior articles upon economic, political, social, educational, legal and historical subjects. These are afterwards clipped and arranged in newspaper budgets, kept in large envelopes or oblong boxes. These are marked with labels, and the list of subjects includes everything of value that finds its way into the columns of the press. Bulletin boards are covered daily with the best clippings from the latest papers, arranged under the leading heads of current topics.

We learn that the oarsmen of Harvard have determined to strike out from the beaten path and give the University of Pennsylvaniathe opportunity which by their recent challenge they showed they were desirous of. The men of Cambridge say they will accept the challenge, which is news that cannot be otherwise than acceptable to all who are interested in the advancement of boating interests among our collegians.[Clipper.

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