The first number of the new paper, Life, will be read with interest by all who are concerned in the success of the young journalists who have done so much for their college publications.

The number before us has a very pleasing appearance. The illustrations are excellent and the reading matter of good quality. The outside illustration is by J. A. Mitchell. The main figures are two cherubim dancing to music played by Father Time on the violin, an idea taken perhaps from Dobson's lines:

"Love's but a dance

And Time plays the fiddle."

The drawing is excellent, and altogether worthy of the paper. Mitchell has several illustrations in the body of the paper which are up to his usual standard. McVickar's two illustrations are among the best things we have seen from his pencil. Gray Parker fills a page with humorous sketches of scenes in the foxhunt.


All admirers of Attwood will be pleased to see the sketches contributed by that well known artist. He again returns to a topic that has been treated so often by his pen - General Butler. The picture of the "State House of Boston," with its suggestion of Butler, is particularly good.

The reading matter is contributed by a number of well known favorites. Among others we notice the names of Wheelwright, J. C. Goodwin, Alden of the Times, and Arthur Penn. We cannot forbear clipping from the "Macaulay-flower Papers:"

"Harvard was compelled by the government to confer upon Butler her highest degree of nobility. With true Attic astuteness the venerable university enacted a law making her degrees revocable and had him by the hair; for, on the evening of commencement, she revoked his LL. D. for disorderly conduct in the yard."

This startling explanation of the recent action of the faculty will do much to allay the dissatisfaction the passage of this obnoxious law has caused among the students, and will also cause them to look upon their faculty as possessed of a greater degree of shrewdness than they had hitherto been credited with. In conclusion we advise every student to subscribe for Life.