Students' rooms at Harvard furnished promptly with shades, draperies, bed-room and study furniture at Pame's, 48 Canal street, Boston.

Found-A small puppy. Owner can find dog at Prof. Norton's stable, off Kirkland street.

Mrs. Morgan, 97 Mt. Auburn Street, can accommodate a club table with board.

Wanted-Last five numbers of Vol. iii of Harvard Herald. Leave at Brok and Leavitt's.

Short-hand taught-Positively shortest method. Terms low. Address, -F. B. Gregory, 26 Mellen St.


One club of twelve or more gentlemen can be accommodated with board at Mrs. T. H. Brewer's, Brattle square.

To let-Three suites of furnished rooms for students. Well ventilated and sunny, recently occupied by Mrs. Stewart, 19 Hilliard, corner of Mt. Auburn street, the undersigned having leased the same. Mrs. Roger Shennan.

Lost-On Jarvis field, Wednesday afternoon, a small alligator-skin pocket book, containing a sum of money. The finder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it at Brock and Leavitt's. 436 Harvard st.

Mr. E. J. Ferris, instructor in sparring, wishes to call the attention of the college to his new Sparring Rooms over Ramsay's drug store. Mr. Ferris' pupils, Heilborn, Page and Baxter, '83, have won eight cups in the last three years, including all of those offered last year. Hours 1 to 6 P. M.