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The university handicap athletic meeting will be held Friday afternoon, Oct. 26, at 4 o'clock.

Tickets for the lacrosse game today can be had at Brock and Leavitt's.

The Princeton Tiger has been obliged to postpone the publication for its first number for several weeks.

Professor Hoffman, professor of chemistry in Berlin University, and a well known writer, is now in Cambridge visiting Professor Hill.

Thirteen graduates of the college proper have died during the last three months, exclusive of four graduates of the Medical School.

The first meeting of the Harvard Union will be held no Monday evening of next week. The debate will be on the comparative liquor systems of Maine and Massachusetts, and it is hoped there may be a large attendance.

There is talk of founding a heavily endowed university at Milwaukee, the majority of whose directors, and probably its presiding officer, to be of the Baptist church.

There will be a game of lacrosse today on Jarvis at 4 o'clock between the Unions of Boston and Harvard. A contest for long accurate throwing for cups offered by a gentleman interested in lacrosse will take place at 3 P. M. at the same place. Admission to bottle 25 cents.

In spite of the unfavorable aspect of the weather a few persons gathered at Longwood to see the continuation of the tournament. Presbrey vs. Taylor resulted 6-2, 6-2 in favor of the former. Preshbrey played a brilliant game, but Taylor's was not up to his usual form. Dodd beat his opponent, and this left Presbrey and Dodd to contest in the finals. As it was rapidly becoming dark, the match was postponed until Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Seratch races today at 11-30

Flannery and Canadian lacrosse sticks can be obtained at 38 Grays.

60 per cent. is required as a passing mark at Columbia.

The Yale athletic games takes place today.

Princeton has set its football team to work earlier than usual and feels confident for beating Harvard. -[Cornell Sun.

Several cases of typhoid fever, resulting from bad drainage, have occurred at Amherst. George and Snook run their one mile match today, on the Lillie bridge grounds, London, England.

The fall meetings of the Toronto and Baltimore bicycle clubs occur today at Toronto and Baltimore respectively.

The Princeton lacrosse team plays the New York team at Staten Island this afternoon. There will be an excursion in N. H. 4 today to Squantum; train leaves Old Colony Depot at 2.15.

Professor Allen will give another lecture on history and methods of classical study, in Sever 14, at 11 o'clock today.

The prizes in the Lee reading for sophomores on Thursday evening were awarded as follows: H. A. Taylor, $35; J. H. Payne, $25; H. B. Hutchins. $25; O. B. Roberts, $25; H. E. Frazer $20.


An old gentleman was walking on the platform of a country station with a pet poodle. The dog happened to get in the way of a large, fat baggage master, who gave the little brute a kick. "What do you mean by kicking my dog?" said the enraged owner. "Why, the dog is mad," returned the baggage master. "My dog mad, what are you talking about." "I say the dog is mad; wouldn't you be mad if I kicked you?"

We understand that Professor William Watson Goodwin, of Harvard College, is about to build a house for summer use on Clark's Island. Professor goodwin will have the pleasure of building on land which has descended to him from his ancestor, in an unbroken line, for nearly two hundred years. clark's Island was originally granted by the town, is 1680, to Elkanah Watson and two others. Mr. Watson soon bought out the other proprietors, so that practically the estate has been in the Watson name for nearly two centuries. -[Old Colony (Plymouth) Memorial.

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