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The eleven played at Hoboken, N. J., Saturday, in the midst of a pouring rain, and succeeded in defeating the Stevens Institute team by the score of 14 points to 4. The rain made the ball very slippery, and therefore very hard to catch and hold. Fumbling by our backs on this account gave Stevens her score.

Shortly after the game was started one of our half backs sent the ball rolling into Stevens' ground, closely followed by Adams who promptly tackled the player attempting to stop it, and Bonsal rescuing the ball made a touchdown, from which Biddle kicked a goal.

Soon Stevens retaliated, however, and forcing Harvard back to her line, they tackled Austin behind the goal line, and securing the ball made a touchdown, which the referee allowed in spite of Harvard's claim of a foul. No goal was kicked from this touchdown.

The fighting was then changed to the Institute's ground and after a severe scrimmage near their goal line, Haughton received the ball and forced his way over the line, securing another touchdown for Harvard. Biddle failed in the try-at goal.

In the second three quarters Wesselhoeft made the most brilliant play of the game, scoring a touchdown after a long and hard run. Austin kicked a goal from this touchdown, completing Harvard's score.

But before the close Stevens added two more points to her score in the shape of a touchdown made from a bad fumble by our fullback. They were unable, however, to score a goal, and time was called with the game securely in Harvard's hands. The audience was small, numbering about 75, but this can easily be attributed to the rainy weather.

On the whole our team played very loosely for a Harvard team in comparison with the game shown by Stevens. But it must be remembered that the inclement weather affected Harvard more than Stevens, because the former were laboring under the additional disadvantage of a strange ground.

Willard, '87, made his first appearance with the university, and under the circumstances did remarkably well. Wesselhoeft played very well, and Appleton showed his usual reliability.

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