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Contrary to general expectation the foot-ball team had very good weather for their match with Wesleyan at Hartford Saturday. The grounds were in very good condition considering the heavy rain which had soaked them for several days. Quite a large number of spectators gathered to see the match and by repeatedly trespassing on the field they often impaired the chances of our backs to run and tackle.

Wesleyan kicked off, and by a pretty manxuvre forced the ball immediately to our 25 yard line. Here for some time the struggle was very exciting, but gradually Harvard drove her opponents up the field in spite of the skillful and very tricky work of the Wesleyan team. The first touchdown was made after a very pretty run by Adams and the goal was kicked by Austin. Shortly after the kick-off Wesleyan was forced back and in a scrimmage behind her goal Codman secured the ball and make a touchdown, from which Austin kicked a goal. In the second three quarters the play of both sides was much looser as the score will show. Wesleyan's halfbacks repeatedly saved her from worse defeat, for their kicking was almost perfect. Harvard kicked off and made Wesleyan touch back for safety forthwith. She retaliated immediately and driving. Harvard back she forced our men to make three safety touchdowns, gained entirely by the long kicks of the half-backs. In one of the subsequent downs the Wesleyan centre rush made a decidedly questionable play and secured a touchdown from which Judd kicked a goal. Harvard now improved and by a remarkably fine rush by Cabot from the centre of the field scored a touchdown from which Austin kicked third goal. The rest of the game was played principally by the audience, who roamed about the field as inclination prompted them, interrupting friend and opponent alike. No further score was made and time was called with the ball in about the centre of the field.

Several of the decisions of the referee were disputed by one or the other of the teams, and two in particular seemed rather peculiar, one by which Wesleyan scored her touchdown and one by which our men scored through a touch in goal. It seems nearer correct that the score should be two goals to nothing in our favor. Saxe and Beattys played very well for the home team, while Adams and Cabot's running, together with the steady play of Appleton gained the chief advantage for Harvard. Wesleyan has improved rapidly since her former game with us and before the game seemed to be rather confident of victory. Their off side play was rather demoralizing but always failed them in important moments. The teams were as follows : Harvard, forwards, Codman, Gilman, Bonsal, Appleton, Cabot, Haughton, Adams ; quarter-back, Kimball ; half-backs, Willard and Austin ; back, Henry.

Wesleyan, forwards, Smith, Gordy, Wilcox, Hawkins, Blaine, Abbott, Thompson ; quarter-back, Upham ; half-backs, Saxe and Beattys ; back, Judd. Referee, Mr. Knapp of Yale, umpire for Harvard Mr. Clark, '84.

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