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HARVARD, '87, 14; EXETER, 4.


Harvard, '87, defeated Exeter at Exeter yesterday in the presence of about 300 spectators, by a score of two goals and one touchdown to two touchdowns. Exeter had the kick-off. Harvard played bossily during the first three-quarters. However the freshmen threatened Exeter's goal for some minutes, by the hard playing of the school eleven the ball was driven back. Finally Holden secured the ball and by a long and brilliant run,-the feature of the game,-scored a touchdown for Exeter. The ball was brought in but the attempt to kick a goal was a failure. After some more loose play on both sides time was called with the score two to nothing in favor of Exeter.

In the second three-quarters Harvard improved very much in her play. Fletcher soon succeeded in making a touchdown for Harvard. Cowling kicked the goal from this, making the score six to two in favor of the freshmen. Soon after the kick-off, Cochrane and Brooks by some very pretty playing carried the ball across Exeter's goal line and made another touchdown for Harvard. Willard kicked this goal. The kick-off was followed by much loose playing on both sides, the ball quickly changing sides. Finally, a bad fumble by Exeter's back gave Harvard another opportunity and allowed Fletcher, who was right on him, to secure the ball and touch it down. The tryfor-goal from this touchdown was a failure. This completed Harvard's score, giving her fourteen points. Exeter succeeded in making another touchdown, but was unable to secure a goal. The game closed with the score in Harvard's favor after a hard contest.

The best playing for Exeter was done by her half-back, Holden, whose run in the first three-quarters was by ad odds the prettiest play of the game. For Harvard, the rushing of Cochrane, Fletcher and Brooks was noticeable, and the kicking of Willard was particularly good. Although the freshmen at times played a loose game, yet as a whole, they did very creditably in this their first important game of the season, and with a little more practice in picking up the ball and in tackling their chances seem very good. The rushing of several of the men is very good, but the team needs more practice together.

The contesting teams were as follows: Exeter-Back, Irvine; half-backs, Holden and Warren; quarter-back, Clement; forwards, Herrick, Gill, Moulton, Gins, Pike, Peters and Harding.

Harvard, '87-Back, Peabody; half-backs, Cowling and Burgess; quarter-back, Willard; forwards, Fletcher, Brooks, Cushing, Cochrane, Higginson, Faulkner and Fiske. Umpire for Harvard. '87, Fiske, '86; for Exeter, Phillips, '86; referee, Mason, '84.

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