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A large delegation of school boys and girls visited the college yesterday.

The freshman lacrosse team at Yale holds weekly meetings during the year.

The examination in Philosophy 6 yesterday was very hard and long.

W. H. Aspinwall '83 has entered a real estate broker's office in Brookline.

Forty students at the Texas University are women.

There are twenty-four men in training for the freshmen crew.

"Aleck" will be away from the gymnasium until Wednesday.

Princeton vs. Columbia today,-championship game.

Prof. J. P. Cooke was unable to meet his classes yesterday on account of illness.

A "man-with-a-performing-bear" performance near Memorial attracted a good deal of attention yesterday noon

The University crew rowed on the weights in the Gymnasium last evening.

A large number of new chairs for use in the recitation and lecture rooms of Sever were delivered yesterday.

Houghton, Mifflin and Co. have become the publishers of Mr. Charles H. Moore's "Examples in Delineation."

A review of Prof. Allen's (Harvard) "Christian History" appears in the current Nation.

The Roberts Hall assemblies will probably be on the evening of Dec. 5th, Feb. 13th and April 16th.

The Princeton freshmen eleven beat the Columbia freshmen at foot-ball Thursday, at Princeton by a score of 10 goals and 5 touchdowns.

There was a cut in English 5 yesterday.

The comet of 1812 is daily growing brighter and will soon be visible to the naked eye.

Harvard has a shooting club which delights in the possession of eleven officers. [Yale News.

The plank walks in the yard have been blocked up to prevent them from swaying.

In spite of Harvard the supreme executive magistrate is LL. D.-"Learned Leather Dresser." [Advertiser.

Prince Albert Victor of Wales has entered Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

The fifth ten of the Institute of 1770 from '86, is as follows, Slocum, Mason, Foote, Cook, Wild, Cary, Gardener. Scott, and Bullard.

W. G. George, the English amateur pedestrian champion, recently tried to break the one mile record, 4m. 19 2-5s.

Minister Lowell pronounces the model of the Longfellow memorial bust to be placed in Westminister Abby a fine likeness.

This is the way the News puts it ; "We are informed that the faculty say it is rumored that a Sheff. freshman has asserted that the scientific school needs a new dormitory."

Mrs. George Henschel, Miss Hope Glenn and Mr. Max Heinrich are among the soloists to appear at the Sanders course of Symphony concerts. Miss Glenn is thought by many to resemble Mrs. Langtry. [Cambridge Tribune.

At the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the Emperor of Japan, at the Parker House Saturday night, Professor Putnam replied to the toast to Harvard University and Dr. Holmes to the toast to American literature.

In Japanese colleges the entrance examinations are evidently much more severe than in America. Out of one hundred and fifty candidates applying last September for admission to the mechanical department of the Imperial Naval College, Tokio, only twenty-two were accepted.

There will be a one hour examination in Solid Geometry Monday at 11 A.M. Lecture I and II in Upper Massachusetts. Lecture III in U. E. R., IV and VI in Sev. 37 and V in Lower Massachusetts. The freshmen are requested to bring blue books into the examination room.

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