A large delegation of school boys and girls visited the college yesterday.

The freshman lacrosse team at Yale holds weekly meetings during the year.

The examination in Philosophy 6 yesterday was very hard and long.

W. H. Aspinwall '83 has entered a real estate broker's office in Brookline.

Forty students at the Texas University are women.


There are twenty-four men in training for the freshmen crew.

"Aleck" will be away from the gymnasium until Wednesday.

Princeton vs. Columbia today,-championship game.

Prof. J. P. Cooke was unable to meet his classes yesterday on account of illness.

A "man-with-a-performing-bear" performance near Memorial attracted a good deal of attention yesterday noon

The University crew rowed on the weights in the Gymnasium last evening.

A large number of new chairs for use in the recitation and lecture rooms of Sever were delivered yesterday.

Houghton, Mifflin and Co. have become the publishers of Mr. Charles H. Moore's "Examples in Delineation."

A review of Prof. Allen's (Harvard) "Christian History" appears in the current Nation.

The Roberts Hall assemblies will probably be on the evening of Dec. 5th, Feb. 13th and April 16th.