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Armed Individuals Sighted in Harvard Square Arraigned


Harvard Students Form Coalition Supporting Slave Photo Lawsuit's Demands


Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay



Charles Reade, the novelist, died yesterday.

There was a cut in N. H. 2, last Thursday.

Workmen are at work repairing the new running track.

Souther, '84, is catching a very fine game for the Yale nine.

Yale is confident of her ability to wrest from us the Mott Haven cup.

The lacrosse game between Yale and Harvard will be played at Cambridge on May 17th.

The old diamond on Jarvis field has been repaired, and is in very fine condition at present.

Prof. G. H. Palmer's translation of the first twelve books of the Odyssey is now in press.

Prof. Shaler's "First Book in Geology," to be published by Ginn, Heath and Co., is now in press.

Two lads capsized their canoe opposite the boat house yesterday forenoon. They were got ashore without much difficulty.

The shoot at Watertown to have been held Thursday, was postponed until Wednesday next, on account of the rain.

The freshman nine will not play a game this afternoon as was expected. They will practice as usual at 11 A. M., on Jarvis field.

Season tickets for the ball games can be obtained at Bartlett and Leavitt and Pierce's, they will also be for sale at the game this afternoon.

Prof. J. B. Thayer, of the Law School, has an interesting article in the current Nation, on the "Constitutionality of Legislation."

The contract for saddling the new field has been given out, and work will be begun as soon as the ground is in fit condition.

Yale played a very fine game of ball with the New York league nine on Thursday, the professionals securing but five safe hits from Booth's pitching.

Several of last year's foot-ball team are trying for the lacrosse team. There is a possibility that Marquand, '85 will return. He would greatly strengthen the team.

The Beacons will play the Bostons on Saturday. Nichols was to have pitched for the Beacons, but we understand that the faculty have forbidden his doing so.

The following men will compose the nine in the game to-day: Nichols P., Allen c., Smith 1 b., Phillips 2 b., Beaman 3 b., Baker s. s., Le Moyne 1. f., Winslow c. f., Lovering r. f.

Mr. Norris, of Stevens Institute, is now visiting in Cambridge. He intends to study the play of the Harvard Lacrosse Team, with a view to coaching the Stevens team on his return.

At the recent meeting of the Rugby Foot Ball Association, in London, the question of abolishing the rule allowing "mauls in goal" was brought up. It was decided, however, by a majority of two to one to retain the rule.

The Oxford-Cambridge best time on record in races four miles and two furlongs in length, was made in 1873, by Cambridge, who won by three lengths; time, 19 minutes and 36 seconds.

The Yale College Athletic Association will hold its spring games at New Haven, Conn., on May 7. The new officers of the association are, President, A. C. Thompson, '85, Vice President, J. A. A Twood, '85, S. S. S., Secretary and Treasurer, T. G. Waterman, '86.

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