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EDITORS HERALD-CRIMSON.-The logic of Prof. Norton's letter has been, I think, unnecessarily condemned and the action of the committee, in some measure, misunderstood. Early this autumn the committee's attention was drawn forcibly to the fact that to disqualify a player three warnings were necessary, and that several elevens were making a practice of playing unfairly and, in some cases, brutally. Knowing that each player could do so twice with impunity, the committee rightly felt that foot-ball played with this spirit ought to be checked, and so far every right-minded student will agree, but as regards the time chosen for their action, there can be but one opinion, that it was very unwise.

The only really important alteration in the rules that the committee wish is that only one warning shall disqualify, and while they wish to see this rule effectively and vigorously enforced, they do not wish to see any more players jumped on, bitten or "broken up" with impunity.

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