Princeton plays Wesleyan next Thursday.

Matthew Arnold has been engaged to lecture before the students.

The Bicycle Club will give another hare and hound run in a few days.

The lacrosse team has given up practice until next spring.

The Law School men rejoice in a new plank walk.

They wear dusters at Yale accord to the 'News.'

Why does not the Philological Society arrange with Mr. Matthew Arnold to give a lecture here?

Mr. Wendell will correct the themes of the junior advanced section in Sever 5 and 2 P. M.

The first senior forensic is to be left in Sever 1 instead of Sever 3 as previously announced.

The class of '87 at Columbia includes in its members Ward of the New York nine.

The highest classical honors at Oxford have been taken by a son of Prof. Huxley.

Columbia is to have a school of librarianship, and will award diplomas upon completion of the course.

An inter-collegiate paper, called the Northwestern, has been established at Milwaukee.

The Princeton sophomores have asked Yale '86 to play them a game of foot-ball this fall.

The report comes that a female seminary, after the plan of Vassar, is to be erected at Los Angelos, Cal., at a cost of $200,000.

We do not believe in having the new track used as a place to learn to ride the bicycle, as it was on Friday afternoon.