Lampoon out today.

Mayor Palmer dined at Memorial Hall last evening.

All borrowed books must be returned to the library before the recess.

The Co-operative Society has procured some new Christmas cards which will be on sale today.

The date on which the second Sophomore theme will be due has been postponed from Jan. 3 to Jan. 9.


Several of Mr. Herbert Spencer's works have been translated into Japanese.

The sparring at the winter meetings promises to be better than ever. There are several promising new candidates.

A bronze statue of the poet Bryant is to be erected in Central Park, New York.

The fourth volume of Dr. McCosh's Philosophic Series, entitled "Certitude, Providence and Prayer," has just been published by Charles Scribner's Sons.

Englishmen are becoming alarmed by a report that Oscar Wilde will appear as a star in the provincial theatres.

The house in which the late Professor Sophocles was born, was built by his great grandfather in 1732, and is still standing.

Mr. MacVane suggested in History 12 yesterday that the Glee Club might do worse than attempt the song that Bloudin sung to King Richard when he discovered his place of captivity.

We are glad to say that the report that Mr. Mellen, instructor of sparring at the gymnasium, was to give up his position, is entirely without foundation.

Term-bills were distributed yesterday.

Wednesday evening the Boston Wesleyan University Club gave a dinner at the Vendome, which was attended by nearly eighty graduates.