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Scene : Recitation room. Enter Junior athlete.

Freshman, greatly excited, to companion : "look ! there's the champion of America, etc., etc."

Enter distinguished Professor.

Freshman, again : "I wonder who that old duffer is." (Fact.)

At the ten-mile handicap of the Blackheath Harriers, held at Stamford Bridge, Nov. 13, W. G. George succeeded in eclipsing his record for ten miles, doing the distance in 52m. and 53s., but secured only third place. He thought he was in second position when he was no better than fourth, when he discovered his mistake too late, and after running the last lap (four to a mile) in 1m. 8s., the time of George for each mile : One mile, 4m. 55s : two miles, 10 m. 4s; three miles, 15m. 20s; four miles 20m. 43s; five miles, 26m. 5s; six miles, 31m. 26s; seven miles, 36m. 53s; eight miles, 42m. 15s; nine miles, 47m. 43s; ten miles, 52m. 53s.

The convention of delegates representing the four colleges of the association meets in New York Wednesday. Little is likely to be done except award the championship to Yale, and to expel Columbia. In deference to Harvard the question of the rules will probably be left to a future convention. In the meantime, if the wishes of the Harvard committee on athletics are acceded to, a meeting of old Harvard foot-ball players will be called, and recommendations with regard to the future conduct of the game agreed upon to be submitted to the convention. [Ex.

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