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There was a cut in Political Economy I. yesterday.

The Harvard-Beacon game occurs at 3 P. M. today.

The price of board at Memorial for the month was $4.66.

There was no recitation in Political Economy 1 yesterday.

There were no lectures in Sophomore Rhetoric on Thursday.

The seniors rowed in their cedar shell for the first time yesterday.

The freshman nine play against the Lynn Club, at Lynn, today.

Ayers of last fall's foot-ball team is trying for the university crew.

Law School commencement parts must be handed in by May 1st.

The Harvard Library was the first to adopt the "card catalogue" system.

The ground on Holmes Field has been staked out for the new physical laboratory.

The marks in Political Economy 2 were given out yesterday. They ran high.

The Pi Eta society has decided to give an entertainment for the benefit of the crew.

Mr. Crocker will be unable to play with the nine for some time on account of a broken finger.

The section in French 2 has begun Racine. The first play which will be read is the Andromaque.

Most of the marks in History I. have been given out. The remainder will be sent by postals in a few days.

The section in Greek 9 have decided to read the Antigone of Sophocles instead of continuing the Greek hymus.

The following men will compose the nine in the game today: White, p., Allen, c., Smith, 1b., Coolidge, 2b., Braman, 3b., Baker, s. s., Le Moyne, 1. f., Nichols, c. f., Lovering, r. f.

A letter in a recent number of the New York Herald on the tariff question signed "Harvard" is being widely copied.

The National Lawn Tennis tournament will probably be held this year at Newport instead of at New York as was proposed.

Members of the sophomore class are reminded that the last opportunity for signing the book at Bartlett's for the class dinner of next Tuesday night at the Quincy House, is today and early Monday morning. The occasion should be fully attended and should be a class affair.

Considerable dissatisfaction is expressed with the list of rooms for which undergraduates must apply. There are but two rooms in Holworthy, three in Stoughton and none at all in Hollis. As usual College House heads the list in the point of numbers followed closely by Holyoke and Divinity.

E. T. Cabot, '83, writes to Chaff of the University of Pennsylvania: "The H. U. B. C. has never intended to send a crew to Lake George. The interest of the college is centered on the four-mile eight-oared races at New London, and it is impossible to train two representative crews at the same time. We could send a four-oared crew to Lake George but it would not be our best, and we would not trust the reputation of the college to it."

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