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Repairs are now being made inside the dining hall at Memorial.

Tomorrow is the last day for handing in lists of electives.

A new circular will be issued today by the Co-operative Society.

The enthusiasm of the wheelmen received an effectual dampened, yesterday.

The Williams baseball nine has been defeated by Amherst, by a score of 17 to 3.

The turf in the yard is now receiving its annual trimming in anticipation of class day.

The freshmen, as usual, complain of the difficulty of the Physics examination.

Brown defeated Dartmouth yesterday for the second time in the championship series.

The boathouse will be enlivened for some time yet by the presence of the freshman crew.

The Reading Room Association will sell at auction the files of its papers at 2.30 this afternoon.

To show the increase which has taken place in the membership of the Co-operative Society, we print the following statistics: 1882, 313; 1883, 718; 1884, 884.

Any student of the university who is not at the present time a member of the Co-operative Society, but who intends to join in the fall, may hand in lists of books which he wishes purchased during the summer.

In the last four games Allen has made but one error, a passed ball.

The yard was enlivened a few days ago by a barge load of young ladies from Lassell Seminary.

An account of the courses in Mathematics for 1884-85 can be obtained at U. 5 on and after this (Friday) afternoon.

The marks in French 8 will be given out this afternoon at 3 by Professor Bocher at his house, Holyoke Place.

Both Columbia crews, with their trainer, Jasper Goodwin, have arrived at their quarters at New London.

Bars have been placed across the track on Holmes field to prevent outside bicycle riders from practising upon it.

The American lacrosse team will sail for home on the 28th. The trip has been one of uninterrupted success.

The usual invitations to members of the junior class to serve as ushers on class day, have been issued by the class day committee.

The Boston Herald says that the press accommodations on Holmes field were fully as inadequate as were those on Jarvis.

Samuel J. Tilden has written a letter in which he positively declines to accept the Democratic nomination to the presidency.

A proctor will go to New London to enable the sophomore members of the university crew to take the examination in Rhetoric.

Mr. Davis has just published a little book in the "Science" series, on whirlwinds, cyclones and tornadoes. We recommend it to all who took N. H. 1, as giving a clear and short account of this part of the course.

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