Tutoring in History 10 and 12. P. M. Keating, 6 Stoughton.

Tutoring in mathematics. Geo. W. Sawin, 27 Hollis.

Tutoring in N. H. 1 or 2. Wm. W. Nolen, 43 Holyoke.

Tutoring W. H. Page, H. 16 in N. H. 1 and 2, French 1, 2, 3.

Tutoring in Natural History 2. Address Harrington, 12 Appian way.


A small club table of gentlemen can be accommodated at 97 Mount Auburn street.

A club of ten or twelve gentlemen can be accommodated with board at 68 Mt. Auburn street.

Tutoring in Spanish I., French II., Greek I. and Philosophy I. E. H. Lounsbury, C. H. 69.

An experienced tutor in German courses, especially I., II. and IV., may be found by addressing "G," 26 Holyoke street.

Lost-A plain gold ring. The finder will confer a great favor and be rewarded by leaving the same with Fred at Drury's.